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Great Falls Vapor - The Entire Lineup

You can now order the entire lineup in one easy click!  All 4 flavors, all 60ml bottles.

Let Them Vape Cake: 

A delicious take on a classic Italian pastry. Flaky crust, layered with a vanilla cream filling, almonds, and a hint of citrus. Pair with an espresso and picture yourself in Rome outside of a little cafe on your European vacation.

Rollin' Dough:

Inspired by a dessert made famous on Instagram called a Chimney Roll, this cinnamon sugar doughnut cone is filled with a vanilla ice cream, and drizzled with a hint of nutty chocolate.

Strawberry Dream:

You've had strawberry and creams before.  But you've never had a strawberry cream like this.  This is a true and accurate strawberry flavor topped with a balanced layer of vanilla cream.  And the best part is that there is no added sweetener.  See what strawberry is really supposed to taste like.

The Nutty One:

A smooth and flavorful hazelnut infused vanilla custard.  Notes of caramel and other nuts give a rounded and complimentary flavor to a full bodied custard.


Max VG. 60ml bottles with tamper evident seal, child resistant closure, and dispensing cap.

This product is not for sale to people under the legal smoking age. 

This product is not available for wholesale.